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Born:  Chicago, Illinois

Live and Work:  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Wanting a new adventure, I moved to Mexico in 2008!  I started giving walking tours in 2010 to help mainly tourists become immersed in the colorful culture of Puerto Vallarta. I took hundreds of photos of people, architecture, artisan workshops, everyday activities, and then of my clients to post on my website and social media.  I realized I wanted to do something helpful with my many photos, so in    2011 I self-published my first guidebook: "Walking Puerto Vallarta and beyond." Next, "Tropical Plants of Puerto Vallarta" in 2012. Both contain over 200 color photos and are in their second editions. You can view many photos of my walking tours on my website:



I am a cultural photographer so I try to capture the essence of a place through its people, architecture, landscapes, food, and everyday activities. This also helps me learn to appreciate other cultures and to remind me of why I live where I do. My photos reflect my many passions and adventures.



Often people are looking for large, vibrant, high-quality original artwork for their homes and offices. My photography may also remind people of places they have been or would like to visit someday. Go to my SHOP page to learn more.



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